A Simpler Approach to Business Law

Always collaborative, always transparent.

Colexiv takes the complexity out of law and boils it down to practical action you can understand.

Colexiv offers a practical approach that synchronizes all facets of your operation.

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Looking to:

Set up cost-effective, efficient solutions that are structured to scale?

Turn getting one deal done into a predictable sales pipeline with right-sized protection?

Make informed decisions to achieve your strategic goals?

We offer a progressive approach to law that doesn’t just tell you about the legal lines we have to stay within.  We help you figure out where you can actually colour!

Taking it a step further, having your own dedicated legal helps prevent departments from becoming siloed or brings them back together.  Helping one hand talk to the other helps the whole business.

"Every business needs legal support that is 100% focused on finding actionable, practical success strategies."

Ilana Cohen,
Sr. Counsel and Entrepreneur

time and cost-effective routes to scalable success


Foundation 101

Have the Right Building Blocks

Operations Focus

Templated Processes

Know Your Blind Spots

Growth Plan

Smart Negotiations

improving the delivery of law

Supports your growth.

The earlier you get us involved, the cheaper it is to help.

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Bringing us into your vision at the early stages means we can help build the right foundations

Step 1

We translate your vision into a structure and a set of scalable tools to make it easy

Step 2

We work together with your people to build efficient, risk-safe processes and systems in support of your strategic goals

Step 3

By knowing your business, we help you form and execute on a practical framework for getting deals done

Step 4

With these great roots, its easy to execute and scale.

Step 5

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